You have probably heard this word many times. Here is a simple and clear explanation. First I am going to explain what a gable is, and then I will explain gable roof and gable end. Those three are sometimes used as if they all mean the same thing, but they don’t.

Gable means just one thing: The triangular section of a wall, like on this image, marked in yellow.

And here is why that is called a gable. The word gable comes from Germanic word Gabel, which means a fork. On the image below, you can see how a fork-like construction was used to support the section of the roof above it. Can you see the “fork”?

Sometimes people say “Gable roof”, and they are referring to gable-to-gable type roof. One of the most basic forms of pitched roofs. The roof runs from the left gable to the right gable.

Gable end refers to the side of the house where there is a gable.