Outdoor Timber Builds

Because everyone needs a place to relax

Decking and Pergola

Decking/Pergola/Archery Range. A client has approached us with a freehand drawing of his idea. It had specific design to accommodate safe archery. We accepted the challenge and made this project a success. Built from high quality Nordic timber. Treated to resist elements. This build will last a long time.

Forest Row


This is a fence consisting of 20 panels that will not have posts broken down by the wind, as they are above the ground and are never soaking in moisture from the soil (capillary effect) and therefore will not rot.

East Grinstead


Pergola built for our client in Hounslow, West London.

Hounslow, West London

Quality build, every time

– We build any type of outbuilding , such as garden offices, summer houses, sheds, or decking, garden stairs.

My sons and myself suffer from glass-wool allergy. We couldn’t go into the areas of our house that had it, as just a small exposure would trigger reaction. RJM Homes have removed the glass-wool for us and replaced it with wood fibre insulation that doesn’t trigger reaction. We no longer live in fear of allergic reaction in our own home.

S.H. Heathfield

An absolutely amazing and very friendly company. Will definitely have them back for any other jobs I will need doing. Highly recommended.

A. W. Forest Row