Dry Ridge Conversions

The new Code of Practice states that mortar alone cannot be used to fix ridges and hips. So, even if mortar is used, the ridges and hips must also be mechanically fixed.
The strength of cured mortar is sensitive to many variables. These include cement or sand type, additives, water content, mortar mix composition, temperature, humidity, cleanliness of surfaces, etc. A simple way of avoiding all the hassle associated with mortar is to use modern dry-fix ridge/hip solutions instead.

Verge repairs

Mortar on the roof verges very commonly needs repairing in this climate. We rake out the old crumbling mortar and place a 100mm width of new mortar along the whole length of the verge.

Moss prevention

Copper strips will prevent moss, algae and lichen growth on your roof.

Flat roof repairs

If your flat roof is leaking we can repair it. The methods and materials we use have 25 year expected life and 10 year guarantee. GRP roofs are prone to so called pinholes and a great number of them are leaking, whereas the the felt type roofs usually leak at the at seams, or have had a mechanical type damage.

Roof cleaning

Pictures speak for themselves. Moss is like a sponge. It retains water and degrades the roof tiles with freeze/thaw cycles. It also “roots” itself into the tiles .

Gutter installation

We carry out all types of PVC guttering installations.

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